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  • The NODES project is focused, on the wide sense, on the production and diffusion of knowledge created within public and private organizations dedicated to adult training or by individuals , through Europe. The dissemination of quality knowledge and educational content provided by training actors or by key note speakers will be grouped under the umbrella of multimedia content, delivered to users by appropriate network infrastructures (Internet, satellite, radio, terrestrial and cable channel) taking into account the place where the USERS are living and/or working.
  • By sharing readily accessible knowledge across places, regions and cultures, NODES will help citizens integrate in information society, get access to knowledge society to develop their lifelong learning skills, thereby promoting better living conditions (professional, social and economic conditions) and active citizenship in democratic societies that respect human rights and cultural diversity.
  • The project will provide an open platform for content providers (teachers, trainers, researchers and academics but also workers, farmers, entrepreneurs, .. ) who are willing to disseminate their knowledge. NODES will provide local support and will enable consortia of educational partners to develop the contents required for a broader audience or use this knowledge to build educational and training curricula, even individual (self education for instance). This process of knowledge dissemination will encourage linking and partnerships between educational, cultural organizations, NGO’s and companies in both the public and private sectors


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