What is existing. Evaluation of systems

The NODES project aims at promoting the use, in adult training / lifelong learning, of multimedia knowledge, in order to facilitate competitiveness, employability and mobility of adults who are victims of the digital divide or of some of its components such as distance, initial level of knowledge, language, use of complex technologies, etc.
For going to the approach oriented towards “free” GNU/GPL licensed tools, beginning by the study of existing tools, with a license that enables the nearly free diffusion of the developed tools, respecting copyright.
We need to study the ‘What is existing in GNU / GPL softwares in the NODES context.  This document summarize the survey of the most important e-Learning systems and their functional features, modules, standards, hardware and software requirements.
This document is input for further steps. It tries to give information to select and develop a free licensed system for the target groups.

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Target groups

One type of the target groups of the NODES project is group of farmers who are living in rural areas. They are victim of digital gap because of lack of knowledge in using computers and lack of broad band Internet connection. 32 percent of farmers has computer and 28% of farmers use the Internet in Hungary. This rate is very low compare to other sectors. That is why the Hungarian National Rural Development Plan for 2007-2013 period contains actions for developing the computer usage skills and developing Internet accessibility in rural areas and developing extension services and activity. In the NODES project we would like to create an open system for eLearning and provide training for using this technology and provide a service for content development and distribution for farmers.

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Using Microsoft Producer

Producer 2003 is a free-of-charge expansion to PowerPoint 2003. Content producer experts can create multimedia presentations containing synchronised sound, video, PowerPoint slides, pictures and HTML-pages with its help. These presentations will suit the requirements of the IMS (Information Management System) and SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) electronic educational standards. Producer 2003 also supports the following codecs: Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series, Windows Media Video 9 Screen and Windows Media Audio 9 Voice. Creating these presentations does not require any HTML-programming and scriptwriting skills.

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